Vocational Evaluation and Rehabilitation


What is a Vocational Evaluation (VE)?

A VE or Vocational Assessment is a series of valid, reliable assessments completed with an individual to gather information to help identify potentially suitable employability, transferable skills, vocational interests, work aptitudes and abilities, and academic abilities and potential. 

What is the purpose of Vocational Evaluations?

A VE is used to assess an individual’s strengths, interests and personality, current and future employability, wage earning capacity and transferable work skills. The VE can include the presentation of a vocational plan outlining specific details as to how the person will return to the job market (e.g. training time, cost, appropriate programs, entry/ceiling earnings upon plan completion, and job availability).  

What is involved?

The VE is a comprehensive assessment which typically begins with a diagnostic interview to gather pertinent information affecting employability (e.g. work/life experiences, length of absence from the work force, educational background, and vocational/career goals). Following the interview, vocational testing instruments are administered to develop a work training profile including areas of ability/aptitudes, interest/personality, work values and skills assessment. Following these testing instruments, the assessor will complete labor market research to produce information regarding market outlook, and qualifications/training requirements for specific job titles. A report is then generated to integrate all information gleaned from research and assessment, to provide recommendations based on both immediate and long-term career goals.

What is Vocational Rehabilitation (VR)?

Vocational Rehabilitation (also known as vocational counseling) is a set of services designed to develop the skills and abilities of an individual to obtain gainful and meaningful employment. VR is frequently implemented following an accident or development of a disability in order to assist the individual with returning back into a previous job or transitioning into a new area of employment. Vocational rehabilitation services outline a suitable career path, education or training options or provide job skill development including resume writing and interview techniques.