Mental Health in the Workplace

Studies show that people with untreated mental health problems visit a doctor twice as often as people who receive mental health care. One study of people with anxiety disorders showed that after psychological treatment, medical visits decreased 90%. Excessive anxiety, depression and stress can contribute to physical problems including heart disease, ulcers, headaches and musculoskeletal problems. Here are some ways to take care of your mental health.

  • Exercise: Exercise reduces symptoms of stress, depression and anxiety

  • Ask For Help: Assess your mental health and ask for help if needed

  • Have Fun: Do something you are passionate once a week

How do supervisors perceive and manage employee mental health issues in their workplaces? (Kirsh B, Krupa T, Luong D, 2018)

Organizations have become increasingly concerned about mental health issues in the workplace as the economic and social costs of the problem continue to grow. Addressing employees' mental health problems and the stigma that accompanies them often falls to supervisors, key people in influencing employment pathways and the social climate of the workplace.

Perceptions of the supervisory role relative to managing mental health problems at the workplace; supervisors' perceptions of mental health issues at the workplace; and supervisors' experiences of managing mental health issues at work influence how well a supervisor will address these issue. The research reveals the tensions supervisors experience as they carry out responsibilities that are meant to benefit both the individual and workplace, and protect their own.

Recent research emphasizes the salience of stigma and mental health issues for the supervisor's role and illustrates the ways in which these issues intersect with the work of supervisors. It points to the need for future research and training in areas such as balancing privacy and supports, tailoring disclosure processes to suit individuals and workplaces, and managing self-care in the workplace.

Jeff Hollyoake